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Want to write an article for our online magazine? Or, do you want a photo in one of our image galleries? Fill out the form below and send the article/photos to our Dropbox folder using the button below. If you’re submitting an article, be sure sure to include any original images you’ve taken. This form is for first-time applications only. If you have contributed before, please reach us by email (but still send your writing and especially photos via Dropbox).  You can read the submission guidelines below.

Submission Form


Please send your text document and photos here. Documents can be sent as .txt, .rtf or Word files. Photos should be in JPG form. Please include your name in the file names. 

Submission Guidelines for Okinawa Heartbeat

We accept articles and photos from members of the public wanting to contribute to Okinawa Heartbeat. Guidelines differ depending on whether you want to submit photos to one of our online galleries or articles (with or without original photos). Please follow either the photo or article submission guidelines below. 

Photo Submission Guidelines

We are currently accepting photos for the following galleries: 1) Vintage Okinawa and 2) Modern Okinawa.

Vintage photos may be about any aspect of the island, but for we are particularly interested in images that depict buildings, landscapes, attire, cars, villages, neighborhoods, etc. WWII photos are especially desired. For photos in the Modern Okinawa collection, any aspect of modern life is okay, but be advised we are looking for very artistic, high quality images). 

If the image depicts an recognizable individual, it must be clear that the individual consented to the photo. For historical photos, we are more flexible. For modern Okinawa photos, it is best if persons are not recognizable. 

Only photographs taken in or of Okinawa are accepted. It is fine if you no longer live here.

Photos submitted with intent to be featured must be at least 1,200px on the long edge. Large is okay because we will resize and compress. 

Any aspect ratio is okay. We will accept photos in both landscape and portrait orientation.

You must be the owner or copyright holder of the photo. If you do not know who took the photo (i.e. you bought a slide at a garage sale or on eBay), you can still submit, but please let us know you don’t know the name of the photographer. 

Article Submission Guidelines

Articles must be at least 1,000 words in length (1,500 is better) and must be submitted via the Dropbox link below. Acceptable file formats are .txt, .rtf orWord. Image files should be in JPG format and must be at least 1,200px left to right. You are encouraged to compress your submissions into a zip file. Please put your name in the filename. 

The topic of your article must be about Okinawa and must clearly relate to one of the categories featured on the home page.

Your article must have a clear introduction and must be sectioned out under headings, with no more than 300 words between headings. Subheadings are encouraged. 

By submitting your article, you grant Okinawa Heartbeat the irrevocable right to post your article on this website, publish it print and duplicate any part of it on any of our social media accounts or any other media to which we have access. This right shall exist throughout the world and in perpetuity. 

When submitting your article, please submit an actual photo of yourself for the ‘author box’ that will go at the bottom of the post, along with a very brief bio (20 words). Also please provide a URL to which we can link your bio. If you really don’t want a photo on the site, you can submit an AI avatar. 

Okinawa Heartbeat has the right to edit your submission to our satisfaction.

We don’t pay for articles, yet. Once we have sponsors we might be able to pay a small honorarium per article. 

You may submit in English or in Japanese. A translation of the article may be cross posted on both the Japanese and English sites. 

Awesome Places in Okinawa
Paul Sean Grieve

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Awesome Places in Okinawa
Paul Sean Grieve

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