Connecting the foreign community in Okinawa

About Okinawa Heartbeat

Founded in 2023, Okinawa Heartbeat aims to be a source of useful information about Okinawa. I started this site because I’ve found that so much valuable information posted by residents and tourists that get posted on social ends up being hard to find as more content is added. I want the most important of that information to be searchable and easy to find.

While this is starting out as a project a lot like a personal blog, I hope that other people on the island will contribute. You can just post something in our Facebook group, or write an article for one of the categories showcased on the home page. I want to hear about the best Okinawan foods you’ve eaten (or learned to cook), the awesome walks you’ve taken around the island, the stray animals you’ve helped, the local businesses you’ve discovered. Also, if you’ve got an event you’re planning (and that is accessible to everyone in Okinawa), let us post it on our ever-growing Events page. you’ve got something positive to share, send us a brief article with a few photos and we’ll see if we can find a home for it.

This is a great opportunity for you to get involved. Okinawa Heartbeat will be what the residents of Okinawa make it, so please help me make it something awesome!

In the interest of disclosure, I’m a resident of Okinawa who has been here for about a decade. I’m a photographer, a web designer, a gluten-free baker, and Okinawa Heartbeat is my latest project.